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Desi Mallu Aunties - only for aunty lovers

Hot aunty in whit bra and black panty bathing

i think you all love this aunty in asianet who cook nice food for us .. really she is great

a hot aunty in saree

aunty worked for hours at night so she is sleeping she forget about her dress too ..

hot aunty preparing tea for u ... is that your jeans ???

heavy aunty in white bra ...

Hero's Wife's 'Private Dealing' with Producer

This is an interesting theme that appears fishy in the beginning but ends up with a right note at the end.

The hero's wife deals all the dates and call sheets of her husband. A producer approached her with an offer of Rs. 65 lakhs for her husband. But the wife demanded Rs 1 Crore. Responding to that the producer expressed his helplessness.

Finally the wife said, "Ok! I'll settle the deal for Rs 65 lakhs. But don't tell even the hero that the deal is this. Give only Rs. 40 lakhs to him and pay remaining Rs 25 lakhs to me".

The producer was shocked listening to this. He wanted to clarify and asked, "Why so?"

Then she said, "What can I say? He is wasting money for unnecessary things. He is not worrying about the future of our children. So I want to deposit the money you pay for me on their name".

Then the producer okayed the deal.

But the hero, who got indoctrinated by his friends, is now demanding Rs. 50 lakhs from the producer stating that his recent film was a hit. See the funny issue. The producer is prepared for Rs 65 lakhs. But hero is asking only Rs. 50 lakhs. Rs. 25 lakhs is the demand from hero's wife. The producer is now in a fix.

Dashavatar (2009)

Dashavatar: Is paisa vasool entertainer

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Starring: Kamal Haasan, Asin, Jaya Prada and Mallika Sherawat

Director: K.S. Ravi Kumar

It would not be fair to reveal the entire plot of this film as the great fun while watching this film lies in the thrilling ride it takes us while watching it. The story of the film is almost a sprawling “epic,” that begins in ancient times (12th century) of evil kings and heroic Brahmins (Kamal in his 1st part out of the 10), then it fast-forwards to 2004. A computer chip containing a vicious biological material goes missing from a laboratory in the United States. An in-house scientist Govinda (Kamal again) who is aware of the dangers of the material launches a hunt for the missing material, which takes him to India. In the course of the hunt for the missing chip, Kamal takes on eight more characters and travels to many continents. From here, the film goes to a time when the whole world is on the brink of a biological warfare waged by terrorists. Actively opposing them is the American president who urges the rest of the world to combat this evil.

The film is part fantasy, part sci-fi, part action-adventure, part crime-thriller, part disaster movie etc. So huge is its canvass that it almost spans the entire globe right from America to India and even Japan. Not only that, you get to see Kamal Hassan fighting, in bike chases, car chases, singing, dancing, on ledges of tall buildings, falling off construction sites, you name it. The best part of it all is probably seeing Kamal Hassan fighting himself. While at times the special effects may not seem top-notch, it’s a wonder to see how much work has been put into this movie. The digital composites, the way they choreographed the movements of the camera and the actors, especially when Kamal Hassan’s multiple characters appear together in a single frame and move about, criss-crossing each other. Simply terrific.

Kamal Haasan deserves all the possible acting awards of our country and beyond for his brilliant act. His each role out of the 10 is a challenging task but he impresses the most as the Vaishnavite Brahmin Ranga. Asin in double role playing his love interest doesn’t get real great scope like she had in Ghajini but she impresses nonetheless. Mallika Sherawat in a role with negative shades is good too. Jaya Prada does a competent job. Rest all cast fits the bill and do a fine job as well. Himesh Reshammiya's music doesn't impress though and the almost three hours plus running time gets a bit tiring at times as well. But then you realise the set up as big as this requires such a long running time.

For entertainment hungry audience, this film is a mega treat, a must watch. At times you need to suspend your beliefs but then what the heck it is not as mindless as some other big hits that expect you to do so. Go watch the film for Kamal Haasan and the huge canvass.

Malavika's Nude Photos Making Rounds

This is another hot gossip in Kollywood magazines. The morphed photographs of Malavika are making rounds in internet now.

Although people know that they are morphed ones, they are going crazy to obtain that it seems. Right now Malavika is in Honey Moon at South Africa.

She got married very recently to a Bangalore based businessman. As soon as she returns from South Africa she has to listen to this nasty news.

We have to see if she keeps silent or makes big news like Khushboo.

Malavika wet saree show and navel show

Lakshmi Rai Open her Hearts for Dhoni at Nights?

Lakshmi Rai the leading South Indian actress who recently makes rumors with the cricketer SreeSanth was yet again paired with Dhoni. Lakshmi Rai who was spotted at IPL Chennai Super King matches as a brand ambassador for the team was fully made with rumors. Our TKada respondent Mangalam Sir interviewed her at that time she was shy to speak about the nights with Dhoni but after that she explains their relationship at many nights. Lakshmi Rai first met Dhoni for a match but he doesn’t know about me much.
Soon Dhoni was introduced and she says Dhoni is a good guy if he is in the mood he always tries to

dance and mimic other actors. He is a good bike rider too because both Lakshmi Rai and Dhoni night rides at the beaches near the Star Hotel were Dhoni stayed. More than this Lakshmi says that Dhoni’s best friend is Yuvraj and once he introduces Yuvi also. Hope Lakshmi Rai and Dhoni were good friends and they will continue their relationship as friends

'Love 4 Ever' shoots at New Zealand

Directed and produced by Jayant C Paranji under the banner of Laughing Waters Entertainment Love 4 Ever is introducing Ranadeep and Mridula in the lead. The film had recently completed 34 days of shooting in New Zealand.

Giving details, producer cum director says, "It is a love story that runs with grapes orchard in the backdrop. We want to portray that love story in a different angle. As it is a delicate love story that runs between two clean hearts, it needs good cinematography for perfect presentation on the celluloid. So, we summoned Jayanan Vincent who was presently staying in Canada and off to the film industry. He earlier worked for two of my films, 'Takkari Donga' and 'Premante Idera' and bagged Nandi awards for both the films too. That is why I gave him the responsibility of handling the camera."

The unit shot four songs in New Zealand besides some scenes on hero and heroine. Over 75 per cent of the shooting was complete with the abroad schedule. The film unit is planning to complete the shooting in February, post-production work in March and release the film on April 9th as summer gift. The film would be released in two languages – Telugu and Hindi – simultaneously. Story is by Anwita, dialogues are by Rajasimha, music by Ram Sampath, editing by Marthand K Venkatesh, art by Krishnamaya, while base story, screenplay direction and production are handled by Jayant C Paranji.

Lakshmi Rai Bribed To Protect From Sex Scandal?

Lakshmi Rai was alleged in a sex scandal recently. A pimp by name Kannada Prasad was caught by police with whom the photograph of Lakshmi Rai was found along with other sex workers.

This raised doubt among the film and police circles. Lakshmi Rai condemned that saying that there is no need for her to do such acts for money.

But now the Bangalore grapevine says that she bribed the concerned officials and also Kannada Prasad not to make uproar with her name.

If this is true, we can once again affirm that money can do anything.

Nayantara Decided To 34-30-34

Do you remember that Nayantara had collapsed in Cochin Airport little whiel ago? The other day similar thing was happened to Ileana at one of the shooting spots. That's all because of dieting and no intake of calorific food.

Nayantara who used to look lush and stuffed with her 34-30-34 look turned slim and slimmer later on.

But she is losing stamina and becoming weak on a whole. She must have listened to the good words and suggestions of her friends in this regard.

She is eating good food now and in the process she would regain her old figure. So, we may see Nayantara with 'Lakshmi' and 'Chandramukhi' look again.

One Way Ticket (2008) - Prithwiraj, Bhama, MammootyOne Way Ticket (2008) - Prithwiraj, Bhama, Mammooty

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Trisha’s hobby Puts Her in Trouble!

Trisha’s favorite hobby has brought her trouble. Every one in the industry knows about her fascination for playing cards. Whenever she finds time, she keep herself occupied with this hobby. She has no inhibitions in choosing her playmates. She may invite make up men and costumers, if fellow actors do not cooperate. Of late a technician tried to take liberties with her while playing with him. She slapped him and sought her apology in the presence of her colleagues on sets. Will she give up this hobby?

Namitha's Price Tag Is Rs. 10 Lakhs For 5 Minutes!

Namitha's price tag is now Rs 10 lakhs. Well don't come to conclusions. That is not her remuneration for a film.

That's her claim to dance for an item song in any film. Recently a Telugu producer approached her to make her groove her in an item song. When she quoted this whopping figure he was shocked.

So for a 5 minute presence on screen Namitha would charge such big sum. Good that she has bright market in Tamilnadu.

She is also being called as Regional Guest and Regional Brand Ambassador for Country Club Chennai region.

katrina kaif heavy dance show off her ass


Release date: April 14

Director: Fazil

Cast: Dileep, Aswathy, Baby Niveditha

DID YOU KNOW? Ace director Fazil has been going through a lean patch of late. His last film was a Tamil one, Oru Naal Oru Kanavu. Aswathy, the heroine, is a TV anchor and model. Johny Sagarika, the producer, is also in the process of making another film right now, Bodyguard, directed by Siddique.

RAPID REVIEW: Moz D Samuel (Dileep) is an orphan and plays pranks on others to earn a living! He has a kid, another orphan, named Tessy (Baby Niveditha) for company. The two befriends Nandana (Aswathy), a super-rich girl, during one of their routine encounters. Nandana decides to use Tessy to remind her brother Sumesh (Rahman) about their childhood. Why, Sumesh is a junkie!

The twists and turns in this film is more than what you find in a rollercoaster. Fazil has narrated some lovely tales with such intricate surroundings, but he loses his way here. Moz & Cat turns out to be a horrifying experience in the end, no less.

HIGHS: Baby Niveditha!

LOWS: Too many even to list them!

Verdict: 1 out of 5

Jayasurya, Samvritha hurt

Actors Jayasurya and Samvritha Sunil were reportedly hurt during the shooting of Ivar Vivahitharayal, directed by Saji Surendran. The shooting of the film was going on at Pondicherry when their speed boat went out of control and the two actors fell into water. They are safe with minor injuries, as per the latest information.

Jayasurya and Samvritha are playing friends studying in a college there. The accident happened just a day before the schedule was over.

Lakshmi rai - cute and sexy tamil and malayalam actress
Lakshmi rai nude and covered with white cloth ..
Lakshmi rai hot in water in hot red dress
Lakshmi rai not wear bra and showing her navel

Lakshmi rai showing her white skin while dance upskirt
Lakshmi rai hot cleavage show in water side
Lakshmi rai forced to remove her saree
Lakshmi rai hot navel and cleavage show ..
Lakshmi rai in see through violet saree
Lakshmi rai showing her ass


Release date: April 9

Director: Nemom Pushparaj

Cast: Vineeth, Navya Nair, Kavya Madhavan

DID YOU KNOW? Nemom Pushparaj, who has earlier directed Gouri Sankaram with Kavya Madhavan and Munna in the lead, is basically an art director. The story of Banaras has been credited to the producer of the film, M R Nair. The screenplay and dialogues are by Cherian Kalpakavadi. The film was mainly shot at Banaras.

RAPID REVIEW: Hari (Vineeth) had a sad childhood, after his mother’s death. His affair with his murappennu, Devu (Navya Nair), had everyone’s approval. But the equations change after Hari joins Banaras Hindu University for his research. There he meets Amrita (Kavya Madhavan), a gifted dancer.

Banaras has a genuine storyline and it has been narrated in a conventional pattern. The music adds to the mood of the film.

HIGHS: The twists and turns in its storyline.

LOWS: Conventional style of filmmaking.

Verdict: 2 out of 5

Jayaram in double role

He is a hot property all over again, after Veruthe Oru Bharya and now Jayaram will be seen in a double role. The shooting of the film in which Jayaram plays a cop and a goonda is going on at Thodupuzha. The film, which has not been given a title as yet, is being directed by K Madhu and has script by S N Swami. It’s a murder mystery with Samvritha Sunil, Sindhu Menon, Ayilya and Mangala among the female lead.

Jayaram has more reasons to cheer about with two films with him as the hero ready for release. Bipin Prabhakar’s Samastakeralam P O will be out at the movies on April 11 and Sathyan Anthikkad’s Bhagyadevatha is slated to hit the theatres on April 23.

Vidisha Bares Her Back!

Vidisha, a young heroine, drew the attention of every one in the audio release function of 'Attili Sattibabu LKG'- thanks to the newly designed costume she put on. The attire almost bared her back. Senior Artiste Chalapathi Rao, who is known for cracking dirty jokes on gals, had his turn to make a statement. 'Though the costume is not trendy, it's BREEZY. Breeze can caress her all over'. All, including Vidisha burst into laughter. His statement made her appear sexier.

Wife Allowed Her Hubby To Have With 'Other Woman'!

This is the surprising gossip that is making rounds in selective circles of film industry. This happened little while ago.

A popular heroine who is aged about 40 now has boarded in a Star Hotel at Bangalore recently. Her husband also accompanied her. They stayed in a suite and also booked the adjacent room. After an hour of their stay, a lady banquet manager working in the same Hotel entered into that room and called on the actress' hubby. He went into that room and locked the door along with that beautiful banquet manager. The man 'had' her and both enjoyed for about an hour. During that time the popular heroine (wife of that man) is silently watching the TV sitting in her suite.

Although this act was done in big secret mode, it was revealed through an inquisitive waiter working there. Many have stunned knowing about the understanding between the heroine and her hubby.

Heroine Was Sexually Molested During Photo Shoot

This is the fresh gossip that is making rounds in tinsel town now. A small time heroine who hasn't seen big hits till now was said to be molested during the photo shoot for a commercial. The heroine is about to pose for camera wearing saris (the session is for a sari mandir). The make up man took little advantage in adjusting the sari of the heroine and touched her private parts. The heroine didn't object anything and the shoot went on smooth.

How this news has come out? The heroine herself told this to her friends and that spread out in the selective segments of industry now.

The heroine is a model turned actress who came into light with TV anchoring. Her name starts with 'M'.

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