Tuesday, March 3

Lakshmi Sharma is the hottest

Following the big gap in Malayalam left by the most popular beauties like Kavya Madhavan and Gopika due to their marriages, can you mention who is the busiest of the female artist in Mollywood these days?

Most will be surprised to hear that it is none other than Lakshmi Sharma, the Telugu girl who displayed spontaneity and vivacity in performing in meaty roles like that she had on her debut flick ‘Palunku’.

After this opening movie with Mammootty which was a letdown at the box office, she was never found opposite the big stars of Mollywood. But she maintained her career interests by pursuing decent roles in films like ‘Chitrashalabhangalude Veedu’, ‘Ayurrekha’, ‘Aayudham’ and ‘Kerala Police’.

Anyway, Laskhmi Sharma is the heroine who is presently having the largest number of movie projects in Mollywood.

She is presently adjusting her schedules to complete the movies like ‘Daveedh’ and ‘Passenger’ which are under production.

She has already done with the movies like ‘Bhoomi Malayalam' and ‘Parayaan Marannathu’ which will grace the theaters in a couple of months. Her new flick on the pipeline includes ‘Decent Parties’ and ‘Lucky Boys’. Good going, Lakshmi.

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