Friday, April 24


Release date: April 14

Director: Fazil

Cast: Dileep, Aswathy, Baby Niveditha

DID YOU KNOW? Ace director Fazil has been going through a lean patch of late. His last film was a Tamil one, Oru Naal Oru Kanavu. Aswathy, the heroine, is a TV anchor and model. Johny Sagarika, the producer, is also in the process of making another film right now, Bodyguard, directed by Siddique.

RAPID REVIEW: Moz D Samuel (Dileep) is an orphan and plays pranks on others to earn a living! He has a kid, another orphan, named Tessy (Baby Niveditha) for company. The two befriends Nandana (Aswathy), a super-rich girl, during one of their routine encounters. Nandana decides to use Tessy to remind her brother Sumesh (Rahman) about their childhood. Why, Sumesh is a junkie!

The twists and turns in this film is more than what you find in a rollercoaster. Fazil has narrated some lovely tales with such intricate surroundings, but he loses his way here. Moz & Cat turns out to be a horrifying experience in the end, no less.

HIGHS: Baby Niveditha!

LOWS: Too many even to list them!

Verdict: 1 out of 5


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