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'Karma Aur Holi' is a completely romantic drama of a screen couple having the same in their real life. However, the movie is released too late to survive their real life love. The movie unfolds the story of a couple - Meera and Dev played respectively by Sushmita Sen and Randeep Hooda - living in New York. This is to recall that the movie was made when this screen couple was thick with each other in the real life also. Hence, the scenes shot in the movie depict too bold and intimate romantic scenes between a screen pair! It's also public knowledge that the reel couple isn't thick any more and is stated to have completely split.

That's the real cause behind the Sushmita statement withdrawing herself from the launch publicity of her movie. She claims that the movie producer had agreed not to screen this movie in India presumably because of her bold and intense love scenes, no more valid in their personal life. The story continues with the real love missing in their relationship though after a few years of marital bliss. They are left alone and confused. Then, Meera and Dev plan a get-together of a few close friends and acquaintances on the eve of Holi, at their place. One of the invitees is Javed played by an all-showy and New York based youngster Armin Amero.

The struggling filmmaker is a friend of the couple. He is accompanied by his girlfriend - Jenny played by world famous Naomi Campbell, who aspires to become an actor. Vani, Meera's elder sister, has also been invited to the party, along with her son Vikram and husband Shekhar. Vikram is a 17-year-old teenager, whose over-protective mother has made his life difficult. Shekhar is a careless person , who has no ambition in life.

Megan, a Tarot card reader, also comes to Dev and Meera's party, followed by Asa Taft. Asa, a stinking rich Texan, comes to the party with company that is literally "hooked". Sujata played by Suchitra Krishnamurthy, along with her American born Indian husband Nimish, also turn up in the get-together, accompanied by her younger sister - Preeti played by Deepal Shaw, a spoilt brat and a party animal. Meera and Dev's well wisher Megan played by Drena De Niro - a Tarot card reader, Asa Taft - a stinking rich Texan and Rich Smooth - Dev and Meera's neighbor, enter the party scene as well.

As the party goes , the guests find themselves getting involved in each other's lives. The party goes wrong, a joy filled evening turns serious when an unexpected, unmentionable incident before the celebrations, triggers tipsy partygoers to confess their inner most secrets that have never been revealed ! The results are catastrophic as this seemingly harmless game gets out of hand. The get-together party leaves behind some moot questions seeking replies.

The movie is fit for an award at glittering function, but not a common moviegoer. It has cost a huge sum of Rs 220 million as the director Manish Gupta who is based in the US has brought in well known film super model Naomi Campbell and super actor Robert de Nero. Besides, the movie was shot in New York and New Jersey. From the acting point of view, we find that Sushmita Sen and Suchitra Krishnamoorthy play their parts very effectively, while two actors like Suresh Oberoi and Rati Agnihotri leave any significant impression Randeep Hooda fares very well but Deepal Shaw's role is insignificant. Overall, the movie will attract those who look for bold and intimate scenes on screen.

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