Monday, March 23

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Priyamani's Over Intimacy With Makeup Man

Many know that AM Rathnam entered the field working as make up man for Vijayashanthi those days. The value given by heroines for their personal make up men is something vital. At the same time the position enjoyed by heroine's personal make up man is also prominent.

Now Priyamani has a personal make up man and he is the one who worked on her for the film 'Pellaina Koththalo'. As everyone started acclaiming her beauty in the film she developed intimacy with that make up man and calling him for every personal 'coating'. We said that she had also gifted him with a gold chain recently.

Industry circles say that her intimacy with make up man is igniting envy among many. Who else can be more private with a heroine other than a make-up man!

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