Friday, April 24

Wife Allowed Her Hubby To Have With 'Other Woman'!

This is the surprising gossip that is making rounds in selective circles of film industry. This happened little while ago.

A popular heroine who is aged about 40 now has boarded in a Star Hotel at Bangalore recently. Her husband also accompanied her. They stayed in a suite and also booked the adjacent room. After an hour of their stay, a lady banquet manager working in the same Hotel entered into that room and called on the actress' hubby. He went into that room and locked the door along with that beautiful banquet manager. The man 'had' her and both enjoyed for about an hour. During that time the popular heroine (wife of that man) is silently watching the TV sitting in her suite.

Although this act was done in big secret mode, it was revealed through an inquisitive waiter working there. Many have stunned knowing about the understanding between the heroine and her hubby.


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