Friday, April 24

Hero's Wife's 'Private Dealing' with Producer

This is an interesting theme that appears fishy in the beginning but ends up with a right note at the end.

The hero's wife deals all the dates and call sheets of her husband. A producer approached her with an offer of Rs. 65 lakhs for her husband. But the wife demanded Rs 1 Crore. Responding to that the producer expressed his helplessness.

Finally the wife said, "Ok! I'll settle the deal for Rs 65 lakhs. But don't tell even the hero that the deal is this. Give only Rs. 40 lakhs to him and pay remaining Rs 25 lakhs to me".

The producer was shocked listening to this. He wanted to clarify and asked, "Why so?"

Then she said, "What can I say? He is wasting money for unnecessary things. He is not worrying about the future of our children. So I want to deposit the money you pay for me on their name".

Then the producer okayed the deal.

But the hero, who got indoctrinated by his friends, is now demanding Rs. 50 lakhs from the producer stating that his recent film was a hit. See the funny issue. The producer is prepared for Rs 65 lakhs. But hero is asking only Rs. 50 lakhs. Rs. 25 lakhs is the demand from hero's wife. The producer is now in a fix.


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