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Sex Scandal Heroine - Lakshmi rai - Getting New Offers

Lakshmi Rai is the heroine who was known as Kanchanamala Cable TV fame till a few weeks back. Now she is known better as sex-scandal heroine. Although nothing is proved in the matter f Kannada Prasad's case, she is just alleged with the flesh trade suspicion.

Now coming to the point, this scandalous issue brought her professional gain. Many producers are approaching this forgotten heroine from Telugu land as well. We have to see where she signs and what she demands. But grapevine says that's he is demanding Rs 15 lakhs as remuneration as of now.

Good thing! Any gossip, good or bad, makes heroine popular and bring them big money. Right!

Celina jaitley on her sensual photo shoot

[nhi20090424a.jpg]Name Celina Jaitley has always been synonymous with 'sensuality' and when she poses for the camera, she ensures that all eyes are indeed on her. For someone who has always been known for being comfortable with her body and doesn't carry any inhibitions whatsoever, Celina has done it again by arriving in a photo shoot that for a popular film glossy that has made heads turn yet again. Wearing a two piece bikini with a shirt thrown in a tantalizing manner, she has yet again made a statement. Joginder Tuteja catches up with Celina as she reveals what made her go for the shoot.
Q. The shoot does show you in a hot and bold avtar. Or would you rather say that it is more on a sensual side?
A. I would say that this shoot shows the feminine side of me. I think there is a lot of femininity in the pictures and yes, I feel it's sensuous too. Actually if I have to really look at it very objectively, these pictures tell a lot about me as a girl who has a healthy respect for herself and her body. A girl who is on the verge of being a woman and is someone who is comfortable in her own skin.

Q. Since this is not the first time that you have gone for a dare bare shoot like this, it must not have taken too much convincing for you to shoot for the magazine, isn't it?
A. This magazine has always been gracious in promoting new talent and they have always promoted me even in the beginning of my career. I knew they would do justice to my pictures and they did more than that.

Q. It has been quite a while since one saw you in a dare-bare photo shoot like the one you have done this time around. Had you been waiting for the right moment to strike?
A. Maybe. I don't really know but this shoot worked out fabulously well at the right time perhaps. See, 'Golmaal Returns' has been a hit, my work is being appreciated and I have 7 films on floor. Soon, 'Paying Guest' would be released too. (Smiles) I guess God has finally sent his angels to watch over me!

Q. So can one safely presume that after the shoot, Celina would eventually be making a statement to her colleagues in the industry?
A. (Laughs) May be this question should be put up to my colleagues.

Q. Overall happy with the way life is treating you?
A. Life is fabulous. It has given me so very much at such a young age. I am very happy and grateful to God and all the many people who love me. I am truly blessed. Inshahallah!

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