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Vishal-Shriya ‘Lip lock Kiss’ in Pista

There has been a big uproar in Kollywood circuit about the lip kiss scene between Shriya and Vishal in the film Thoranai. Lip lock posters are known to be one of the best ways to publicize a flick. Vishal’s ‘Thoranai’, which has been slated for release next Friday, has for the first time, officially given out smooching stills of Vishal and Shriya in the action entertainer. The stills of Shriya in her upcoming films Thoranai and Kanthaswamy has caught eyeballs for all the wrong reasons and she has subjected herself to some titillating skin show.Filmy circles are abuzz with this news and it is believed that the kiss would be a special point of attraction for this film which is likely to release on the 29th of May. The film is produced by his brother Vikram Krishna under the banner of GK Films Corporations.

The audio of Pista was recently released under the Think Music label. Music is by Mani Sharma. Touted to be a high voltage action thriller, Pista is the debut film by Shriya Saran in Tollywood. Another highlight of the film is Prakashraj, who is cast as a villain to match Vishal's muscle power.

2009 DUB Show - Girls

As always, the models at the DUB Show Tour were on point. The venue at Cobo Hall for the 2009 DUB Show Detroit didn't have the quantity of some of the major cities but the booth babes and girls working the various display areas were super nice and knowlegeable. Below are some of the photos from the show:

Actress Sona try Bikini

Look who's jumped into the pool now! Actress Sona is the latest actress to join the Kollywood bikini brigade with her two-piece act in Azhagar Malai! Actress Sona donned a bikini in the Tamil film, AlazShar Malai, costarring comedian Vadivelu. S P Rajkumar has directed the film while Illayaraja has scored the music for the film. The bombshell dons a blue bikini and dives into a pool only to emerge out soaking wet and looking explosively sensuous. The scene also has comedian Vadivelu cozying up to her.“I make a guest appearance as a thief. I target Vadivelu because he has a lot of moolah and entice him into parting with his cash,” says Sona, “and because it’s me, the scenes have a lot of oomph factor.

The lead roles in the movie are being played by the 'Ellam Avan Seyal' hero RK and the 'Thamirabarani' fame Bhanu. While RK plays the role of a young villager, Bhanu breaks her family girl image and will be seen in item numbers.

Nammal fame sidharh with an upcoming actress on bed

this sexy scandal is being published all over kerala from an unknown source!!

Meera Jasmin will marry Rajesh

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usMeera Jasmin malayalam actress said .. she will marry rajesh (music director) within 2 years .. she said .. still rajesh in her life .. she need more time to make up her proffesion, then only she think about marriage .. even though there is enough gosip about rajesh and meera jasmin they dont mind that .. not only with rajesh she have gossip about Director lohitadas and other media workers. what ever they dont mind that .. so we hope we wont miss our favorite actress meera jasmin for 2 years .. thanks god ..

Strip Tease Great fasion Show gallery

Sathyam' fight scene at cost of 1.5 crores

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe cars are speeding past on the Tambaram bypass-Maduravayil road. In one of the cars is a smart khaki clad Vishal with gun in hand. This is the scene of 'Sathyam' shooting. Vishal tells stunt master Kanal Kannan that he's ready for the take and presses his foot on the accelerator, woth villain's henchmen chasing him and cinematographer RD Rajasekhar starts shooting the scene. In 10 seconds they were gone half a km and when the cars bumped into each other, Vishal's car did a topsy turvy and got back straight.
This put butterflies in the stomach of those present. But the take was successful and as Vishal emerged from the car, director Rajaekhar gave the thumbs up victory sign.
Vishal, aren't you afraid? You do such shots so coolly?
"If one wants applause from the audience who pays to se me on screen, all these risks are like halwa," says Vishal after doing a thrilling scene.
"You would never have seen such a car chase in Indian films," challenges Kanal Kannan who has brought in 6 experienced drivers from Mumbai for the action scenes. 50 stunt men in 48 cars have risked their lives for the car chase.

The scene running to 7 minutes in the film would be shot over 20 days on various locations like Tambaram bypass, Ennore, Ramojirao Film City, Pattinapakkam and so on.
New cameras like Roll Vison and Cross Camera are used to shoot this scene and the visual effects are by Craig. He has worked in famed Hollywood film 'Mummy' and 'Krish' starring Hritik Roshan.
Producer Vikram Krishna casually remarks that this fight sequence alone costs...hold your breath...1.5 crores!

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