Wednesday, September 22

Simona Halep Is A 17 Year Old Tennis Star

At 17 years of age this Romanian hottie named Simona Halep is beginning to get noticed around the tennis world, not only for her good looks but her skill on the court.

Born in Constantza, Romania, Simona is ranked 317th in the world and already being compared to the one time tennis star Anna Kournikova.

Being compared to Anna Kournikova as a tennis player is probably not a good thing, but all the potential endorsement deals that Anna received are definitely a plus for simona halep. Hopefully she can prove the world wrong and parlay her good looks and skills on the court into a long and successful tennis career.

Halep isn’t classically beautiful, but neither was Kournikova. And she’s got a fresh, girl-next-door look that consumer product companies covet. The key will be if she can make a run in a major.

Never mind all the gibber jabber lets take a look at some of Simona Halep's pictures from a recent tennis match.

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