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Parvathi Omanakuttan Pictures Miss India 2008 - large gallery

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Kangana craves to have babies...

Boasting over her newly attained singledom, actress Kangana Ranaut seems to be living life queen-size. Wasting no tears and time over the past, the doe-eyed-beauty is busy making movies & planning babies. Before you jump to any conclusions, as per the current reports, in reality Kangana's sudden maternal desire is nothing but a want for having a big family some day.

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But what's shocking is the status on a popular networking site account, which states that the long-legged lass desperately wants to have a bunch of children. And if the desire for baby wasn't enough to raise brows, Kangana tops it by adding that she wants several grandchildren too. Her status message reads: 'I'm in Switzerland and this place reminds my family and me of Manali. I can't wait to have kids and grandkids

The actress, who is currently shooting in Switzerland, is feeling down and out as she is missing her family. Maybe feeling gloomy that when her family is waiting in Mumbai, she is shooting in Switzerland. Well, dear start hunting for a beau first and kids will follow. Right guys?

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