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Actress Bhuvaneswari Scandal Gets Murkier With A List

Scandals involving the actresses are not uncommon in film industry. Time again there are report that some actresses run some kind of brothel and get involved in illicit sex trade. In the past police has made arrests like Reshma. Now a fresh sex scandal has shocked millions involving the actress Bhuvaneswari. She was reportedly running a brothel and caught red handed entertaining her customers. This is not the first time this actress has been caught. Some years ago she was caught on same charges but it is said that due to political pressure she was given clean chit and was released.

What is more shocking this time is that the hot aunty has divulged a list of some actresses who are also involved in prostitution. And mind you this list does not includes only the small time b grade actresses. But this list also contains the name of some of the leading ladies of Kollywood and Tollywood industry involving some top actors and politicians too. According to list these actresses charge obscene amount of money for their services ranging from 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs per hour. Since the list involves top league heroines the list has not been publicized but there are reports that some local dailies have published the names of actresses along with thier photographs.

Namitha Losing Her Hotness

Namitha is an actress who is perhaps epitome of curvaceous beauty that southern seductresses are known for. Although she has acting skills and some dancing skills, but what people seem to like more is simply her presence. Namitha oozes sensuality like no other babe in southern circuit. Many have called her over sized but see from the point of a fan and you will see a goddess. Her movies are crowd puller simply because of her voluptuous charms. But all this may be ending soon. It seems like the charm of this hot siren is fading fast. Th performances of her past movies was not so good. moreover, there is a subtle change in her figure that seems to be destroying her appeal. Namitha seems to be getting bulkier in her belly region by the day. We just hope that this sexy babe keeps us ogling at her in years to come. Meanwhile, someone advice her to shed some kilos.

Sexy Voluptuous Kiran Rathod Is Back

There was a time when Kiran Rathod was considered a synonym for voluptuous female beauty and was seen as serious competition for the curvaceous babes like Namitha and even Mumtaj. Kiran has a sex appeal that was earthy and enticing at once. Males who loved full figured women used to fantasized about her. Her sexy songs was favourite hits on YouTube. And Kiran too had guts to show her body in the most sensual way. She used to wear saree exposing her big deep navel and tight blouse that revealed her sexy cleavage. Her costumes used to betray the curves of her hips. But time changed and she went into oblivion.

After a while she came back in a much slimmer avatar. She even did the role of a prostitute in new movie Nalai Namathe. It was a big leap from item songs. But alas the role could not get her the publicity that a controversial character is supposed to bring. Now she seems to have understood that in south curvy is better and busty figure is worshipped. She has regained her sexy figure and looks so sexy that males are in awe of her sex-appeal.

Recently, she did a movie High School in which she was seen romancing a very young boy. The sexy stills of the movie have already begun to grab attention. One of them shows Kiran in wet saree and semi-transparent blouse her black bra is visible. In another still her pink saree is shown glued to her navel area. The role is a bit controversial as story portrays the illicit love affair between a 30 year old aunty and a young boy. Now she is coming up with one more flick Guru Shishyan and in this movie too the sexy actress has left no stone unturned to showcase her assets and curves. Let's pray that she keeps getting new offers so that her fans never miss her sexy beauty.

Neetu Chandra, Celina Jaitley Talk About Their Virginity

Virgin or not ? that is the question and a confusing one! Actresses seem to be more confusing than we may like to think. Recently, in an interview the bindaas babe Neetu Chandra said that she did not want to die a virgin. This means she wants to say that she has not still lost her virginity. It may come as a surprise to many who saw her a a symbol of bold sensuality. Contrast this statement with the one given by the gay movement supporter Celina Jaitley. Celina said in an interview that human beings are hypocritical including herself about sex and no actress will say she is not a virgin till she is married.

Now what one may infer from the above? Celina is not a virgin but hypocritical about it or she has lost it and is frank about telling that she would not like to admit that? Or, Is Neetu also hypocritical about her virginity? Then we are reminded of Shilpa Shetty who admitted that she was not a virgin.

Raunchy actress Ramya sri Hottest & biggest Collection

Though she has not been able to make her mark as an actress, she has developed enough buzz around her given her oomph factor and also her boldness to skin show. Interestingly, she has already crossed the age of a sensuous heroine but then her figure maintenance is absolutely perfect.

We are talking about the raunchy actress Ramyasri who has been seen in quite a number of films in side roles. Recently, she took everyone by awe when she came in with a stunning photo session that saw her in skin tight and absolutely alarming costumes. Now, she has again hit the headlines for another reason.

There is news that a video is being circulated from Youtube that contains Ramyasri taking bath in a bikini and this has become a rage. Apparently, the scene is said to be a bathroom clipping and is part of a movie. So much is happening from her end but not much is happening from the film makers to take her in.

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