Wednesday, June 3

A R Rahman’s Secret business: 3Crores in 30mins

Wanna know the secret of Rahman’s business that earned him 3Crores in 30mins? But, just mark our words, you can’t do it.

A.R. Rahman has gone far-famed across the globe as all the leading brands and services offer him crores and crores of money just like that for appearing on posters. Well, here’s something more different.
As Rahman had won Academy Awards bringing honor to Indians, CANARA Bank officials wanted to visit and congratulate him. As soon as he received the phone call, he invited them to his house. Soon after much prolonged talks, Rahman made fun of them saying, ‘Won’t you offer me loans?’ for which they replied, ‘How much do you need sir?”Rahman again jocularly added that he needs 3Crores. Uh-huh! Much faster than an ATM Machine, the officials carried out all the process including the paper works on his table and within 30mins, the amount was sanctioned. Although Rahman refused the cheque, they urged him to receive it as their gift.Oh my god! Is it possible for you and me? Think about it.

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