Friday, June 5

Nikish Patel – Hot gal hunted by SJ Suryah

Uh-huh! She’ll make you transfixed with her smile and will throw into astonishment in abundance.

Precisely, she kindles everyone’s passion right on the first look. Nikisha Patel is her name and she’s being hunted by SJ Suryah for his forthcoming flick ‘Puli’ starring Telugu Actor Pawan Kalyan in lead role. Here’s a sneak peak on her complete info…

Full Name: Nikisha Patel

Everyone calls her: Nikki

Day she was born– July 20

Height: 5.7”

Weight: 55

Native: Gujarat

Born and Brought up: London

Known Tamil Words: Po… Vaa

Best 5 she likes: Hyderabad Biriyani, Sleeping, Lexus Car, Jeans-T Shirt, A.R. Music.

Unforgettable moment: Crowned as Miss Whales 2007

Bad Habits: Sleep

Things she hates: Late Night Party

Cell phone Model: Sony Ericson W902I

Would she spot herself in bikinis: Definitely

One Tamil Film She watched: Vijay’s Villu


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