Friday, June 5

Kulir 100 Degree

Kulir (Cold) will have no degrees rising to 100. So contrastive and interesting is the title indeed, but the film fails to captivate everyone’s senses.
Anita Udeep had gone through commendable works in her past including animation films and her embodiment as playback singer. But, her debut in Kollywood with ‘Kulir 100 Degree’ is so commendable

Story revolves around a young lad of 11th standard getting into rowdyism. Naturally his mother fearing that his rowdy father may spoil his career, sends him off to a boarding school in Ooty. Rest of the film is about this guy’s life with his friend Babloo and girlfriend Taniya. Not alone the happy moments, but he has to undergo whole lots of tougher things by his senior students.Analysis:Most of the characterizations are much caricatured and never seem to be realistic apart from the characterization of Babloo. Even, his role has been stereotypical as fat boys are food addicts. Although the girl looks cute and charming, she doesn’t suit the screens. Better she can be cover page model. Sanjeev donning the lead role does justice to his role.Technically BrilliantTechnically, the film is brilliant with stunning cinematography and colorful visuals that will keep the audiences intact in time span of whole duration. Musical score is quite good and the song ‘Manasellam’ is extraordinary.Final Take:You can watch it without any expectations and enjoy it


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