Saturday, June 6

In love with Dhony? Deepika Padukone clarifies

She started her innings as Bollywood dream girl with the film 'Om Shanti Om.' She gave up aspirations to become a world champ in badminton and took to modeling. The ad film she did for Liril soap when she was 17, got good publicity for her career as a model. She then became a much sought after model.

She made her film debut in Kannada film 'Ishwarya.' It was a flop but this helped her get the coveted role in 'Om Shanti Om.' It seems she had to be taken to task many times by director Farah Khan to get her acting right. The accolades Deepika received after the film's release has made all the hard work worth it.What about the beaus in her life, from Yuvraj Singh to Dhony? She answers calmly, "Basically I have been a sports person. I like all kinds of sports. I have been impressed by the game of Dhony and Yuvraj Singh. That's why I have been friendly with them. If this looks like romance to others, what can I do?"

Deepika really is a cool one!


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