Saturday, June 27

Jayasuriya gets his first solo hit ‘Ivar Vivaahitharayaal’

After being in the industry for seven long years since his debut hit, ‘Oomapenninu Uriyaada Payyan’ Jayasuriya has finally delivered his first solo hit in the new movie ‘Ivar Vivaahitharayaal’. Directed by television wizard Saji Surendran, the movie is going well all over Kerala.

With a collection of around a crore from its thirty three screens in the first week, the movie has amazed a distributor share of around 45 lakhs. This is the first time that a movie featuring Jayasuriya as the lone hero has gone for such a good opening week.

The movie which started on an average note in the first day gradually gained collections with the second and third days with houseful shows in the metros. The movie also is a eye-opener for the industry, which has just created four hits in the first six months.

‘Ivar Vivaahitharayaal’ even though in a regular script lines, interested the audience mainly due to its different presentations and the laudable performances that its director Saji Surendran was able to bring in. The movie is all set to become the fifth big hit of the year after the movies like Makante Achan, Harihar Nagar 2, Passenger and Bhagyadevatha.


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