Saturday, May 9

18 year old girl from St Teresa’s College "Aswathy" is Arjun’s heroine

Aswathy Ashok, the 18 year old girl from St Teresa’s College, Ernakulam (Asin Thottumkal’s alma mater) has become the youngest ever heroine to be cast opposite ‘Action King’ Arjun in Major Ravi’s new action adventure film Mei Kavu.

Aswathy whose parents were working in Dubai, made her debut in Fazil’s Malayalam film Moz and Cat, which released for Vishu in Kerala.

A Fazil discovery or those who act in this noted director’s films early in their career has always made it big in south cinema. Ask Poornima Jayaram, Nadia Moidu, Kushboo, Shalini and so many others?

Major Ravi has an impressive track record in Malayalam making patriotic army based films with Mohanlal, and his Aran was an above average in Tamil. Now he is making another action adventure patriotic filmMei Kavu with Arjun, which may work well keeping the actor’s image in mind.

The tagline of the film produced by ITA Films says- “One vision One mission”. Noted cameraman Ravi Varman is the cinematographer, while Sundar.C Babu is the music director of the film which will be shot in foreign locations of Thailand.


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