Monday, April 6


Director: Unnikrishnan B

Cast: Suresh Gopi, Govind Padmasurya

DID YOU KNOW? I G is B Unnikrishnan’s next venture after the hit Madambi. Suresh Gopi is back at what he is best at, being a cop, that is. Joining him in the cast is Govind Padmasurya, who was noted in the award winning Adayalangal and Anaitha Nair, who was part of Jayaraj’s By the People and of course, in the Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster, Chak De India.

RAPID REVIEW: I G is an entertainer in the cop-thriller mould. Suresh Gopi is back as the high voltage super cop. He is in charge of the Anti Terrorism Squad in the state. The villains include everyone from militants to politicians and even the men in uniform.

HIGHS: Suresh Gopi. No denying this, he looks best as a cop!

LOWS: The hangover of earlier films in the genre, like Commissioner, for instance.

Verdict: 2 out of 5


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