Wednesday, April 15

Mohanlal’s Casanova dropped?

The grapevine is abuzz that Mohanlal’s big budget romantic action film Casanova to be directed by Roshan Andrews has been scrapped!

Remember that the film had a big ‘pooja’ launch in Bangalore and shoot of the film was to start on April 10 in Vienna in Austria, but now it has been indefinitely been postponed.

More shocking is that the original producers the Bangalore based Confident Group of Companies is rumoured to have backed out of the project.

The rumour mill has it that after the lackluster performance of Mohanlal’s big budget summer release Sagar alias Jacky, the producers got cold feet and withdrew from the project

The film scripted by Bobby and Sanjay had Tamil actor Arya debuting in Malayalam. They had also signed up Lakshmi Rai, Bhavana and Priyanka in the female lead. The film at Rs 7 to 8 crore was said to be the costliest Malayalam film in the making.

Now the latest we hear is that Casanova budget has been pruned and instead of Austria, the film may be shot in Dubai. The basic reason is any Malayalam film with a cost of production, print and publicity above Rs 4.5 crore is not viable in these days of meltdown


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