Wednesday, April 8

Malayalam FIlm Thanthra as Thanthiran in Kollywood

Malayalam Director K.J. Bose's debut directorial venture Thanthra (2006), starring Aravind Akash, Shwetha Menon and Siddique in key roles, is being dubbed in Tamil as Thanthiran. The Tamil version, which will hit screens soon, is produced by Baburaj under the banner of M2 B2 Moviemakers.

Set in the backdrop of tantric arts, yoga and mysticism, the film revolves around a mysterious saint Aacharya Suryadharman (Siddique), who wants to increase his supernatural powers by mantras and poojas. He resides in a fearful, lonesome mountain called Vikramashila. While he is set to perform a special pooja to gain more powers, he has some unexpected visitors: Kiran (Aravinder) and his fiancée Swethamukhi (Shwetha Menon).

Kiran, a BBC reporter, wants to investigate the continuing relationship of Acharya with mystic powers, while Swethamukhi is in search of her long-lost brother. Suryadharman agrees to locate and bring back her brother with the help of his magical manifestations, but in turn proposes to use Swethamukhi, a virgin, to complete his poojas. What happens next is the rest of the story.

This magical thriller was scripted by the director himself. Thanthra has music by Alex Paul. The film, cinematographed by Saadath, has five songs written by Subhash.


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